Free Shipping On All Orders
Free Shipping On All Orders

Attention: Shooters Who Want To Be Better...

...Hear When You Hit

Finally, Quickly and Easily Know EXACTLY When You Hit Your Targets from Over 500 Yards Away, Without a Spotter, Guaranteed For Life!

Train Like The AGA Competition Pros At Home With Your Own Set Personal Set of DEAD STEEL® Gong Targets Today at 60% Off PLUS FREE Shipping!

Dear Fellow Shooter,

PING! Man I love that sound!

Do you love shooting targets, getting your weapons sighted in and just flat having fun at the range.

We use “DEAD STEEL” for our targets. Why use cheap #255 hardened steel that may ricochet on impact while our #130 “DEAD STEEL” absorbs the impact of your rounds and spent lead falls under the target and nowhere else.

Our Veteran made 1/2” DEAD STEEL targets are tough and can easily take rounds up to 100 .338 caliber rounds in less than a minute!

Our 1/2” industrial thickness is the most used in heavy club use or Military / Police training. 3X Thicker Than Bass Pro!


Dual Mounting Hooks: All hanging targets use 1/2 inch round mounting holes that resist cracking from harmonic vibration during use.

Thick Mounting Ears: All hanging targets feature large and strong mounting ears. All corners are radiused for crack resistance from harmonic vibration during use.

Easily Paintable Primer: We prime all our targets so you can easily paint if desired. Most shooters choose cheap neon spray paint from Walmart. (Makes a great stocking stuffer BTW)

DEAD Steel Targets® will last forever with proper use. AR500 steel is a special high carbon steel hardened to withstand repeated shots, bullets simply bounce off or vaporize upon impact.

DEAD Steel Targets are cut 100% in Henderson, NV USA on a brand new state of art CNC ARC and Fiber Laser cutters for industry leading cut quality.

Our targets are rust free, primed prepped and ready for paint. Use and redcoat with Krylon Neon spray pain from Walmart for years of use.

Our Guarantee: ALL DEAD STEEL® Targets are guaranteed for life. If you can screw it up we will replace it for FREE, for ever. That’s how much we stand behind our products.

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